This year we have expanded our range of services for families based on the feedback from families.


“Can only say it was a fantastic day where my granddaughter was in her element and the instructor was so tuned in and professional finding an activity that she could really relate to was awesome”

Parental Wellbeing Programme

“The trip to Loch Lomond was fantastic as was the opportunity to connect to other parents going through similar challenges.  This programme reminded me about the importance of looking after myself and my health”

Mario Cinema Event

“The atmosphere was really relaxed and my child was able to talk and move around freely without the pressures of the usually etiquette of attending the cinema. There was no adverts. ”

Wellness Retreat

“I left this event feelingtotally revitalised andequipped with practicalstrategies to use athome when the dailypressures of caring startto build”