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Family Connection Day

Avalon regularly partner with providers such as Sportykids to deliver our family connection days.
Sportykids kindly provided the venue as Ian the owner witnessed first hand the benefits this support can provide to our families so thank you. This event provided the opportunity for families effected by autism to come together while there kids played safely, giving them time to rest, talk and connect - a rare experience for many parents.
One of the main highlights from the event was from a young boy who approached me at the end of the night to say - “excuse me thank you for arranging such a fantastic event - I have had the best time ever!” My heart officially melted!
Thanks to everyone who supported us to make this event happen. We look forward to the next one!
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paddleboarding at Central Scotland Adventures

We formed a partnership with Scotland Central Adventures to pilot Autism friendly paddleboarding lessons, here is what happened.
We went as a family of three with my daughter Ava, who has autism and is non-verbal.
Rab and the team thought of everything. They prepared a social story and short video to help prepare Ava for what was going to happen. They spent time learning about her needs and special interests to make her feel as comfortable as possible. They put a sofia the first character at the top of the paddleboard which she loved.  Ava had the best time and picked it up really well just from watching us. Ava was even able to stand on the paddleboard which was incredible to see.
My husband and I both loved it and I found the paddleboarding experience very relaxing. Being surrounded by nature listening to the birds sing while we paddled in the water was fantastic. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did. I understand why people say paddleboarding is good for your mental wellbeing.
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