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Welcome to Avalon

Supporting Parents of Children with Autism

We aim to offer personalised and innovative programmes to improve the emotional resilience and general wellbeing of parents, guardians, grandmothers, sibling and families supporting a child with autism. 

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A Few Basic Facts About Autism

We work closely with Parents, Families, Partners and Professionals to meet the needs of families supporting children on the autistic spectrum.

Therapeutic Support

There is lots of therapeutic support available to support people with autism, iit is a life-long condition.

Unfounded Myths

There are many unfounded myths about autism.

Coping with Autism

Families coping with Autism need help & support.

Strengths & Abilities

Autistic people have many strengths and abilities.

Contact Us

Our Avalon Advisors will provide one to one support and groups workshops for parents to families to strengthen their resilience and general wellbeing.