Avalon - Supporting Parents of Children with Autism


We aim to offer personalised and innovative programmes to improve the emotional resilience and general wellbeing of parents, guardians, grandmothers, sibling and families supporting a child with autism.
Support Groups & Workshops

Dedicated Team

Our passionate and dedicated team at Avalon work closely to shape our innovative service offer that meets the needs of families supporting children on the autistic spectrum.

"The work we do at Avalon is about making a difference to the parents, guardians, grandparents and siblings we serve. My passion and drive comes from personal experience as a mother with a feeling that more could be done to improve the lives of families before, during and after an autism diagnosis. By improving the lives of families impacted by Autism we will indirectly improve the lives of those children living with autism".
Pamela - Avalon Founder

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What We Do

We offer practical advice and guidance, wellbeing programmes and family connection days to improve social networks, reduce isolation and increase skills, confidence, overall wellbeing and connection.

Avalon was established to support parents and families caring for autistic children.

What We Do
Avalon - Supporting Parents of Children with Autism

A Few Basic Facts About Autism

Therapeutic Support

Being Autistic

Autism is a life-long neurological condition that affects individuals in unique and diverse ways, making each person's experience with autism distinct and individualised. 

Unfounded Myths

Common Challenges 

Social interaction, communication and sensory processing difficulties are common. Many autistic individuals possess talents and abilities in specific areas of interest.

Being Autistic

Early Diagnosis & Intervention 

Early diagnosis can improve the outcomes for individuals with autism. Interventions include speech therapy, occupational therapy & support around social communication and interaction. 

Coping with Autism

Prevalence Rates

The prevalence of autism has increased significantly in recent years, although it is unclear whether this is due to better awareness, improved diagnostic criteria, or other factors. Nonetheless, this highlights the importance of understanding & supporting individuals with autism and their families.

Strengths & Abilities

Family Support

Support is crucial for autistic individuals and their families. Families play a vital role in understanding and advocating for their loved ones with autism. They provide emotional support, guidance and create a nurturing environment that fosters the overall well-being of the individual.

Varying Support Needs

Autism Acceptance

Increasing autism acceptance and understanding is crucial for creating an inclusive society. Autistic individuals can face challenges related to social stigma, bullying and discrimination. Promoting acceptance and providing support can help create an environment where autistic individuals can thrive.