Our Target £15K

We are excited to launch our 2018 fundraising timetable for Avalon.  We have selected events with a strong fitness connection.  There are a number of reasons for this, firstly; our daily commitment to fitness over the last few years has literally transformed our lives!  This has been a major coping strategy in developing the strength and resilience required to raise a daughter with special needs while juggling busy careers and forming a charity. 

Secondly, improving the health and wellbeing of families caring for someone with Autism is a major objective of our charity.  Therefore, it seemed fitting that some of our fundraising challenges would have a strong fitness theme.

Goals for Growth

When we set our charity goals for 2018, we followed some excellent advice from a great mentor and friend Kenny Morrison.  Kenny knows a thing or two about setting BIG goals.  Kenny has competed in 7 Ironman competitions around the world and he has taken on the English Channel twice!   Kenny’s advice on setting goals; “you should only set goals that you do not know how achieve, as this is where the growth lies.  For example; when Kenny signed up for his first Ironman contest he couldn’t swim and he wasn’t very good on the bike.  Could you imagine the pressure of having to learn to swim before taking on a massive life goal like this?  Kenny’s also believes that when you set a goal it has to scare you or it’s simply not big enough”

Overcoming your limits

Both my husband and I could personally relate to of this, having set many goals in life we knew how to achieve?  This changed when we signed up for our first half marathon last year.  We hadn’t exercised in years and we both strongly believed that distanced running was for the super fit – certainly not us! When we started to train we could barely to run 1 mile never mind 13.5 miles!  However, having a strong purpose for the challenge coupled with the fear of the finishing line unleashed an unstoppable level of focus and commitment.  It was easy to get off the sofa for a change and we didn’t miss a single training session, even when life took over.  

So what’s next…………?

On 29th July 2018, my husband and I have signed up for the ultimate challenge.  Set in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, the Fort William Marathon will take us on a journey through some of the area’s most stunning scenery in Scotland.  We will both have to train much harder to take on the hills and learn to run even faster from the midges!

Reach Your Peaks - Challenge Reality

The pinnacle of 2018 will be to take part in a unique journey of self-discovery on 3rd-8thSeptember.  This is a 6-day immersive experience combining personal growth, thinking strategies and the ultimate endurance challenge.  To climb the Five Scottish peaks in 24 hours!  This event has been handcrafted by my Coach Stevie Kidd who recently completed Everest trek/Marathon.  This is all about smashing limiting beliefs and developing thinking strategies to take my life and charity to new heights.  This will be the ultimate test of self-belief, character and fitness and I look forward to who I will become in the process.

As Stevie and Kenny would say; if you are not scared your goals are not big enough.  Well, our fundraising goals for Avalon for 2018 certainly appear big and enough! Join us on our crazy adventure as we look to raise money for a fantastic charity that will support families, parents with respite and early intervention for autistic children.  Get in touch at Avalon.scot or email me at pam@avalon.scot

Image: 5 Peaks Challange Lake District

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